Waste Tracking Agents Agreement

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Tannery waste, including leather dust, ash, sludge and flour For more information on collecting and submitting waste tracking information, see Completing Waste Tracking Certificates, Intergovernmentally Regulated Waste Transportation, and Exemptions for Waste Tracking. The tracking number cannot be transmitted. Waste transport certificates are only valid for one waste shipment – transaction. You must have an Environmental Protection Agency (EA) under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 if you are commercially transporting any amount of traceable waste or if you are not transporting up to 250 kg or more than 250 kg of traceable regulated waste for commercial purposes. This allows you to perform relevant environmental activity (ERA) 57 for the transport of waste and submit mandatory forms for each load. Your name and contact details can be found on each certification body assigned to you and on all corresponding transport certificates (TCs). These documents must not contain the names and addresses of the waste producers for whom you are acting. Note: If the waste is classified in more than one category in this list and the code is marked with an asterisk for 1 of the categories, use the code marked with an asterisk to categorize the waste. an indication of the name and address of the producer, transporter and consignee of the waste; the quantity and description of the waste; and the expected shipping date.

The requirements are set out in the waste transport certificates.

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