Separation Agreements Alberta

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As soon as one spouse receives the separation agreement from the other lawyer, it is important that they encourage their own family lawyer to make the agreement with them. This is called independent legal advice. The loyalty of a lawyer can only apply to one client, not to both parties. You and your spouse can try to get together for up to 90 days without having to re-account for the one-year separation period. However, if you stay together for more than 90 days, you must start counting the one-year separation from the date you separated. If you .B. Having broken up with your spouse at the end of January and working together for The months of March, April, May and June, you would begin the one-year requirement from the date of separation in June, since you have been working together for more than 90 days. There is no formal judicial procedure, no special document or confirmation necessary to make the separation official, although there may be such documents. You are considered separated if one of you intends to live separately and separately from the other. You are expected to distribute the debts acquired between you during the marriage, either in common name or with the name of one of you. During the separation, it is helpful for you to make a list of all the assets that you own in common and that you own on your own and what amounts are at the time of separation.

These include the RSP and pensions. The same applies to any debts you have separated or with your spouse or that you know your spouse has on their behalf. When you leave the house, you will bring photocopies of financial documents. If you and your spouse have children and are planning to divorce, you may need to take the Parenting After Separation (PAS) online course. You can also choose to voluntarily take the course and learn some useful strategies to help you separate. The link to the course is here: you and your spouse can accept all the questions and write the terms of the contract, this becomes a separation contract that can be applied by the courts. You should contact a lawyer to make sure the agreement is valid and properly executed. If your agreement deals with matters within the jurisdiction of the Provincial Court Family Service, you can apply for a consent appointment to define the terms of your agreement. We are not lawyers; We do not provide legal advice, nor do we give complex issues.

However, we can still help in many situations, even if you do not fully agree. Deborah Ward, holder of the Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc., has personally developed more than 1,000 separation agreements, each of which has been reviewed by two different lawyers.

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