Saskatoon Rental Agreements

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There are certain situations that may justify a lender terminating a lease within two months. This situation is when a friend of a close family member wishes to move into the rental unit. The landlord can enter a tenant`s rented property in case of emergency or with the tenant`s consent. Otherwise, the landlord is required to submit a 24-hour pre-registration to the tenant in writing, which lasts between 8 .m and 20 hours .m when he enters the premises. If the tenant has submitted a notice of termination, the landlord is allowed to present the property with the tenant`s consent or, as agreed in writing with the tenant, or after the landlord has tried to obtain two hours` notice from the tenant. Owners who write leases should be aware of this, as this is a legal document. If a document has two or more possible meanings, a tenant may accept any appropriate interpretation of the document by the tenant and the law will apply it. A tenant can read an agreement in a way that is more advantageous to the tenant than the landlord has planned. If there are ambiguities, the law will impose the meaning that the tenant has understood. In a building with more than one rental unit that includes a common area, the owner must hold a prominent indication at or near the main entrance with the owner`s legal name and address for the delivery of communications and the phone number of the owner or owner. It is not legal for tenants to withhold rent for repairs and may justify an evacuation for non-payment of rent.

If a tenant has asked the landlord to do certain repairs and the landlord has not done so, the tenant has two other options than re-grating. The first option is to apply to the Residential Rent Office for an order from the landlord and to require a reduction in rent until the repairs are completed. The second option for the tenant is to contact the local authorities to determine if local statutes setting minimum standards for rental properties have been breached.

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