Playstation and Xbox networks attacked on Christmas day by a DDOS attack

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Lizard Squad have claimed the responsibility for taking down PlayStation and Xbox networks on Christmas day, saying it has made both networks unavailable with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks (overloading servers)

Emil Protalinski(1) report that “Lizard Squad has declared it will no longer attack Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network, as well as denied claims it had planned to attack Tor, an anonymity network often used to resist censorship. While the former appears to be true, the latter information is quite conflicting report the Lizard Squad front man, calling himself Ryanhas told Sky’s Joe Tidy “that he didn’t feel any guilt about depriving people of their Christmas presents:

I’d be rather worried if those people didn’t have anything better to do than play games on their consoles on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I mean I can’t really … feel bad. I might have forced a couple of kids to spend their time with their families instead of playing games.

Kim Dotcom reached out to Lizard Squad directly, promising them 3,000 Lifetime accounts on his encrypted upload service, Mega if they were to stop the attack. Lizard agreed and stopped the attack.

The following graphic taken from, illustrates the messages between Lizard Squad and Kim Dotcom/



The embeded youtube(1) video below features an interview with 2 members from anonymous, 3 members from lizard squad and 1 member from finest squad alongside in relation to the Christmas day attacks.


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Youtube Video

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