CryptoWall 3.0 – An even more advanced Encrypting Ransomware

Share This: CryptoWall 3.0 It looks like Cryptowall developers have started distributing a new and more powerful version of their CryptoWall encrypting Ransomware. This new version called CryptoWalll 3.0 passes traffic to a site where users can pay for their decryption keys through anonymity networks. For more details see the following links

More Sony headlines – the Aftermath!

Share This: More Sony news, still unravelling and may be a changer in polices worldwide! ‘North Korea slams ‘hostile’ US sanctions over Sony cyber attack” from, this article states that “US president Barack Obama authorised fresh sanctions on three North Korean organisations and 10 government officials, although the US has offered no public evidence […]

Biometrics – Are they really secure?

Share This: German defense minister’s fingerprint cloned using just photos At the 31st annual Chaos Computer Conference in Hamburg Germany, biometrics researcher Starbug, whose real name is Jan Krissler, explained that he used a close-up photo of Ms von der Leyen’s thumb that was taken with a “standard photo camera” at a presentation in October, […]

Reports that Lizard Squad now selling DDOS which took down Xbox and Playstation sites on Xmas Day

Share This: An online Article from is now reporting that Lizard Squad (the Hacking group) who took Down PSN and Xbox Live are now selling their DDoS attack online. It is now being reported that the attacks were a marketing ploy for Lizard Squad’s new software (Lizard Stresser) See, The tell us that the cost […]

Sony Cyber Attack

Share This: The Sony Cyber attack must be the most widely covered cyber attack ever in the history of such attacks, it started off in November 2014 when staff at Sony had images appear on the computers featuring Skeletons with threatening notices. This caused major disruptions and Sony staff have had to work on white […]

Playstation and Xbox networks attacked on Christmas day by a DDOS attack

Share This: Lizard Squad have claimed the responsibility for taking down PlayStation and Xbox networks on Christmas day, saying it has made both networks unavailable with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks (overloading servers) Emil Protalinski(1) report that “Lizard Squad has declared it will no longer attack Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network, as well as […]

2014 – A year in Review

Share This: 2014 has definitely been a interesting year in the Information Security sector, there has been a large amount of headline security breaches right up to the writing of this post! The aim of this post is to highlight some of these attacks so that we can all learn from them in the future […]

Anonymous Hacks Swedish Government in Revenge for taking down ‘Pirate Bay’

Share This: The online hacktivist group Anonymous has claimed responsibility for hacking into email accounts of the Swedish government in response to the seizure of The Pirate Bay website and server by Swedish police last week. Anonymous have also claimed to have hacked into the government email accounts from Israel, India, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, and […]