Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks released a emergency patch for its screenOs

Share This: Juniper Networks released a emergency patch for its screenOs yesterdays because of vulnerability with unauthorised code which could allow an attacker to gain administrative access and decrypt VPN connections. Juniper, however have not commented on the origin of the code it found. According to “Juniper senior vice president and chief information security […]

New EU Data Protection Regulations Text is here

Share This: So here is the new EU Data Protection Regulations text, all 209 pages of it! File hosted and shared from, for further details see  

Apple itunes and app store hit by zero Day bug

Share This: Apple itunes and app store hit by zero Day bug A Zero day bug has been found which allows attackers to hijack users whilst purchasing, this is reportedly allowing the hijackers to then purchase, download any app or movie they wish. The filter bypass flaw in Apple’s online invoicing system was found by […]

New EU Data Protection Regulations set to be finalised by end of 2015

Share This: A new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is being approved by the European Council of Ministers to replace the outdated 1995 directive. This new regulation was initially proposed in 2012 and drafted in January of this year and is designed to regulate the progression of personal data within Europe. it is […]

Obama vows to boost cyber defences and US Army website is hacked

Share This: The US Army had to take down its official website temporarily after it was hacked and defaced by the “Syrian Electronic Army”. The website hack came as US president Barack Obama vowed to boost US cyber defences in a news conference at the Group of Seven (G7) summit in Germany. The US Army said […]

Venom – CVE-2015-3456 Hypervisor Floppy Emulator Vulnerability

Share This: Security Researchers have discovered a new Zero-Day vulnerability in the virtual floppy drive used by virtualisation platforms. The Floppy Disk Controller emulation Vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2015-3456 (1) is now being referred to as VENOM, was discovered by Jason Geffner of CrowdStrike, Inc. The vulnerability was rated as having an Important impact. A […]

Incoming Fax Email Hoax

Share This: Computer users are warned to be on the lookout for messages in their email inbox, claiming to be an incoming fax. I have personally seen over 5 instances of this today alone. Included is a screenshot from a GMail account – the mail was not sent from that, but showing how it appeared in […]

Irish Government data protection forum

Share This: The Irish Government are to hold a data protection forum to focus on areas around data protection, this is due to the scrutiny because of the large amount of internet companies which are based in Ireland for data regulation purposes. According to “Arising from a Government decision of October 2014, a data […]

Protecting Cyber Networks Act Passed in US

Share This: A new legislation, ‘Protecting Cyber Networks Act’ has been Passed in the US, to help companies and the federal government better defend against the growing threat of cyberattacks, despite opposition from privacy advocates. According to  it was “prompted in part by a recent uptick in high-profile data breaches, the legislation would allow companies to […]