The flood of Vulnerable Internet Connected devices allows massive DDoS attacks on Dyn DNS Provider

Share This: The flood of Vulnerable Internet Connected devices allows massive DDoS attacks on Dyn DNS Provider!   What does IoT really mean? IoT stands for Internet of Things, over the last decade, the amount and methods with which we connect to internet services have changed, broadband has become more widely available this, together with […]

Helpful Tips

5 Steps to Staying Secure Online

Share This: October is Security / Cyber Security Awareness Month so I thought that I would spend a little time lowering the level to some general security awareness stuff. Introduction & Cyber Awareness in General Cyber attacks are on the increase, new strains of ransomware seem to be coming out weekly, we hear of new threats […]

Pokémon Go – Some Concerns explained

Share This: Pokémon Go, obviously a concern with users wandering around focused on devices, but are there other concerns? Abstract: In the following article, we look briefly at the concerns regarding application like Pokémon Go with regards to general safety and Privacy, we identify that guidance by the Data Protection Commission is soon to arrive […]

Enterprise Risk Management – an overview

Share This: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is fundamental for any organisation. Before any organisation can protect their assets, they must identify them and their potential risks and vulnerabilities. There are a number of frameworks which can be used in risk identification and assessment, one such framework is the NIST’s (National Institute of Standards and Technology) […]

Ransomware Part 3, Threats and Culture

Share This: In part three of the series of articles about Ransomware, we examine the threat of ransomware looking at some of the industries and look at some reasons why some areas are affected more than others. We also review culture and see if this has any effect on ransomware mitigation In previous articles we […]

Ransomware – Part 2: from Knights to the International Aids conference and beyond

Share This: In the last article available here http://tombrett.ie/ransomware-part-1-what-is-ransomware/ we looked at what ransomware is, this current article takes a brief look at the history of ransomware from its earliest forms to 1989 to some current attacks. The next article will look at variants of ransomware and then shouls we pay or not and methods to mitigate […]

Ransomware and RaaS

Ransomware – Part 1, What is Ransomware

Share This: This is part 1 of a multipart series! In this article we will look at what Ransomware is, where it originated and the increasing risks accordingly, this article will be followed up with subsequent articles looking at different forms of ransomware and targeted devices, how ransomware work and methods to minimise the risk […]

Safe Internet Day – Some simple hints and tips for parents

Share This: Today is the day to take the technology away and talk to friends, colleagues and minors about the pros and cons of the internet and its safe use. Agree Internet rules and guidelines along with your children When and for how long How important it is to keep personal information private What type […]

DDoS - Ireland Attacked

A number of DDoS attacks hit Ireland

Share This:   A number of DDoS attacks hit Ireland It is becoming more and more common to hear of DDoS attacks, but over the last week a number of Irish Government and popular sites have been hit were offline for several hours because of same. Among those affected where Government sites from the Central Statistics […]

The need for Mutual Authentication

Share This: Tom Brett 22-Jan-2016 Abstract With the increased use of online services together with more common cyber breaches, the need for better security has never been more important. When IT systems and websites are analysed, it is commonly known that the user is the weakest link, often fooled into disclosing part or all of […]