More Sony headlines – the Aftermath!

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More Sony news, still unravelling and may be a changer in polices worldwide!

‘North Korea slams ‘hostile’ US sanctions over Sony cyber attack” from, this article states that “US president Barack Obama authorised fresh sanctions on three North Korean organisations and 10 government officials, although the US has offered no public evidence linking North Korea to the attack.” and as a response to these US sanctions, North Korea has again denied any role in the cyber attack and according to has “accused the US of ‘groundlessly’ stirring up hostility towards Pyongyang, reported ABC online.” and that this  will “further push North Korea to strengthen its military-first policy, known as Songgun.” state that “injected new urgency into the years-old push for cybersecurity legislation, with a broad spectrum of lawmakers suddenly vowing to take action in the new Congress.” they say that after years of little focus that the Sony cyber attacks have brought a number of matters to the table “including offensive cyber tactics, cyber crime laws and the international community’s definition of cyber warfare” further tell us that “Lawmakers have pledged to hold hearings on these topics, called on the White House to declare cyber war with North Korea and pressed for heightened economic sanctions on the reclusive East Asian regime.” In this article, Andrew Borene, a fellow with the Truman National Security Project is quoted as saying “A lot of members who had not previously dedicated a lot of their own time and resources to cybersecurity … are going to get smarter on it in 2015,”

I think we can all agree that the Sony Cyber Attack has definitely brought the need for good security and policies to light and will definitely change the landscape for the future.



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