Data Protection For Data Controllers

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The Data Protection Commissioner and our responsibilities.

As more and more data is held in digital form it is fundamental that the correct procedures are put in place for the complete data lifecycle to which it was initially collected.

The role of insuring that there is a optimum level of protection is a function of the Data Protection Commisioner, which is a role that was established in 1988.
Over the past few years, this role was previously held by Billy Hawkes (Since 2005) but he was succeeded by Helen Dixon in September 2014.

This Role, is responsible for not only Irish Companies and citizens, but also for the protection of personal data for millions of European citizens due to the fact that several US multinationals, including Facebook, Linkedin and Apple have based their EU headquarters in Ireland.

Several cases have been brought against organisations to include the following
Wrongful disclosure of personal data,
‘further processing’ data (using data for purposes other than for which it was obtained) and wrongful processing
Security Of Data,
Excessive collection of Data,
Retention of Data,

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