Enterprise Risk Management – an overview

Share This: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is fundamental for any organisation. Before any organisation can protect their assets, they must identify them and their potential risks and vulnerabilities. There are a number of frameworks which can be used in risk identification and assessment, one such framework is the NIST’s (National Institute of Standards and Technology) […]

Ransomware – Part 2: from Knights to the International Aids conference and beyond

Share This: In the last article available here http://tombrett.ie/ransomware-part-1-what-is-ransomware/ we looked at what ransomware is, this current article takes a brief look at the history of ransomware from its earliest forms to 1989 to some current attacks. The next article will look at variants of ransomware and then shouls we pay or not and methods to mitigate […]

The need for Mutual Authentication

Share This: Tom Brett 22-Jan-2016 Abstract With the increased use of online services together with more common cyber breaches, the need for better security has never been more important. When IT systems and websites are analysed, it is commonly known that the user is the weakest link, often fooled into disclosing part or all of […]