2016 Cyber Threat Report

Share This: 2016 Cyber Threat Summary ENISA has just released their 2016 Threat Landscape report illustrating the top cyber threats encountered in 2016. This report can be found at https://www.enisa.europa.eu/news/enisa-news/enisa-threat-landscape-2016-report-cyber-threats-becoming-top-priority The report identifies the main threats with Malware again topping the list of threats Malware has been top of all cyber threat reports for several years, […]

Apple itunes and app store hit by zero Day bug

Share This: Apple itunes and app store hit by zero Day bug A Zero day bug has been found which allows attackers to hijack users whilst purchasing, this is reportedly allowing the hijackers to then purchase, download any app or movie they wish. The filter bypass flaw in Apple’s online invoicing system was found by […]

City of London Police say Banks hide cyber crime losses

Share This: A rescent article on ComputerWeekly.com (1) state that “Banks assess the losses sustained from customers leaving, because of security fears, greater than covering the cost of cyber crime.” In this article they state that at a tech conference in the UK, the City of London commissioner, Adrian Leppard said that cyber criminals are […]

The FBI is investigating the hacks of a number of websites – including the site of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

Share This: Police and FBI are investigating defacement attacks on a number of  websites including the site of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, where attackers placed an ISIS flag banner on website home pages and played an Arabic song in the background. The common ground for all of the websites is that they are using WordPress Content […]

Obama foreign cyber attackers with sanctions

Share This: US president Barack Obama has signed an executive order establishing a framework for the US to impose sanctions on foreign cyber attackers. According to Computerweekly.com(1) “The order formalises an approach taken in January 2015 by the US when it imposed fresh sanctions on North Korea in response to the November 2014 cyber attack on […]