Pokémon Go – Some Concerns explained

Share This: Pokémon Go, obviously a concern with users wandering around focused on devices, but are there other concerns? Abstract: In the following article, we look briefly at the concerns regarding application like Pokémon Go with regards to general safety and Privacy, we identify that guidance by the Data Protection Commission is soon to arrive […]

New EU Data Protection Regulations Text is here

Share This: So here is the new EU Data Protection Regulations text, all 209 pages of it! http://www.statewatch.org/news/2015/dec/eu-council-dp-reg-draft-final-compromise-15039-15.pdf File hosted and shared from statewatch.org, for further details see http://www.statewatch.org/news/newsfull.htm  

New EU Data Protection Regulations set to be finalised by end of 2015

Share This: A new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is being approved by the European Council of Ministers to replace the outdated 1995 directive. This new regulation was initially proposed in 2012 and drafted in January of this year and is designed to regulate the progression of personal data within Europe. it is […]

Irish Government data protection forum

Share This: The Irish Government are to hold a data protection forum to focus on areas around data protection, this is due to the scrutiny because of the large amount of internet companies which are based in Ireland for data regulation purposes. According to Taoiseach.gov.ie(1) “Arising from a Government decision of October 2014, a data […]

AWS – users have the choice on what regions data is stored for EU approval

Share This: The European Union’s data protection authorities have approved Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) data processing agreement (DPA). According to the National Commission For Data Protection (Luxembourg) (1) “On 6 March 2015, the CNPD issued a letter, confirming that the Data Processing Addendum of AWS was in line with the Standard Contractual Clauses of Commission Decision […]

Europes Highest Court considering a case which could decide how Europeans data will be shared with US internet Firms

Share This: Europes Highest Court considering a case which could decide how Europeans data will be shared with US internet Firms ComputerWeekly (1) states that “The case against Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner was referred to the ECJ by the high court in Dublin for a ruling on whether the watchdog is bound by the safe harbour agreement.” […]

Toshiba’s new “Military-grade” 256-bit encryption USB Flash Drive

Share This: The Digital Products Division of Toshiba launched an encrypted USB flash drive which uses hardware based encryption to deliver robust and secure AES 256-bit military grade encryption. This flash drive is meant as an easy and affordable solution for companies, consumers and government agencies who want to safely carry sensitive data. The USB […]

Data Protection For Data Controllers

Share This: The Data Protection Commissioner and our responsibilities. As more and more data is held in digital form it is fundamental that the correct procedures are put in place for the complete data lifecycle to which it was initially collected. The role of insuring that there is a optimum level of protection is a […]