Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks released a emergency patch for its screenOs

Share This: Juniper Networks released a emergency patch for its screenOs yesterdays because of vulnerability with unauthorised code which could allow an attacker to gain administrative access and decrypt VPN connections. Juniper, however have not commented on the origin of the code it found. According to “Juniper senior vice president and chief information security […]

Router Emulators

Share This: Router Emulators Over the years whilst training – I have had to use a number of physical SOHO / WAP and Router Devices to facilitate labs, this is a resource which I previously put together listing a number of the device front ends for different devices, please note that these are all hosted […]

Toshiba’s new “Military-grade” 256-bit encryption USB Flash Drive

Share This: The Digital Products Division of Toshiba launched an encrypted USB flash drive which uses hardware based encryption to deliver robust and secure AES 256-bit military grade encryption. This flash drive is meant as an easy and affordable solution for companies, consumers and government agencies who want to safely carry sensitive data. The USB […]