Annual Bonus Agreement

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13. Once the annual accounts are successful (beneficiaries), the annual bonuses may be paid to employees and managers of work collectives. The amount of the annual premiums may not exceed their average monthly salary during the reference year. * If an employee is rewarded at the same time for several reasons, the corresponding amount of bonuses (specifying the reasons) is recorded in different lines. The indicators in the document serve as a basis for calculating monetary incentives. They must be clearly indicated. A dual interpretation can be controversial. Vague definitions are not recommended. The definitions do not specify when an employee should receive a promotion. Two interpretations will cause discontent. Workers who are not incentivized can bring an action with the employer. The staff bonus system will operate inefficiently.

The section contains information on the issuance of incentives that refer to dates. As for the design of the Calculation Method section, the person responsible for the procedure should write down information about the number of people who can expect a bonus. The full name of the units submitted to the destination is required. The document should indicate the types of work for which transport is used. The incentive decision mechanism is also indicated. Next, you need to specify the types of premiums. The section should contain indicators for employee bonuses. Their quality may include: the regulation of payment and pay slip is an urgent issue. When the company employs salaried workers, managers must take care of the evolution of the regulatory framework that governs the process.

To identify the dynamics, these indicators are compared with similar indicators for the corresponding period of the previous year. Annual bonuses (bonuses) are paid to the employees of the company, depending on the achievement of certain planned indicators and/or the achievement of certain indicators planned by the company in the context of the exercise of economic activities during a calendar year. The list of these indicators, their impact on the calculation of the bonus amount and the payment decision are determined at FIRMA`s discretion on the basis of data from FIRMA`s financial systems. . . .

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