Agreement Herein

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һԡhereͷټһɻĵͳôʣӣķ & #160;: & #160;: & #160;: & #160; & #160; & #160; & #160; & #160; & #160; & #160; & #160; & #160; & #160; & #160; & #160; & #160; & #160; & #160; & #160; & #160; & #1 DZȽ״һ࣬ΪֻҪ߼סһԭ򣺡hereε = εʣdiese VereinbarungͼԽеĵһlϸԭΡע⣺im Folgendenڶʾ1/4ơ˼ȻҲ hier Ϊǰ׺˵Ĵͳ޹ء C. Lizenznehmer und autorisierte Benutzer verpflichten sich, das Urheberrechtsgesetz von 1976 sowie alle vertraglichen Einschränkungen einzuhalten, urheberrechtliche Beschränkungen, oder andere Einschränkungen, die von Herausgebern bereitgestellt und in den Datenbanken oder Diensten angegeben werden. In accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the Licensee and the Authorized User may download or print limited copies of quotations, abstracts, complete texts or parts thereof, provided that the information is used exclusively in accordance with copyright. Licensees and authorized users may not publish the information. Licensee and Authorized User may not use the Database or Services as part of or as the basis of any other publication prepared for sale and duplicate or modify in any way the Databases or Services or their contents, or use them for sale or distribution. The Licensee shall take all appropriate measures to limit the use of the databases or services to those expressly permitted by this Agreement. ķ䏊ڱԼкϽķԺum comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement ķ룺ر 10涨 enter into force on the date of this Agreement to enter into force on the date of this Agreement The term of this Agreement begins on the date of entry into force and extends until [date], unless extended or terminated by other written agreements of the parties. file an appeal before the court that has been agreed herein” to bring an action before the court agreed in this agreement, while the company and the agent wish to enter into an agreement under which the agent markets and sells the product according to the conditions contained therein. this = this Agreement; in this Agreement , below = below this Agreement or below this Agreement ͅؿ˽ ǡڱڡݱԼֽĸ1/4ӣ Both Parties hereby agree.

By this agreement, both parties agree: that. ķ룺˫ ڴͬ ⡭ This addition to the data processing (the “Addition”) supplements the agreement on the sale of EBSCO information services products and -Services (“Agreement”) between __ (“Customer”) and the contracting entity for EBSCO Information Services (“EBSCO”). . . .

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