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Tom-PicFalse facts are highly injurious to the progress of science, for they often endure long; but false views, if supported by some evidence, do little harm, for everyone takes a salutary pleasure in proving their falseness; and when this is done, one path towards error is closed and the road to truth is often at the same time opened” Charles Darwin (1)  Descent of Man (1871, p. 385)

Tom Brett has been lecturing on a wide variety of technologies since 1995, during that time Tom has obtained a large number of qualifications, more importantly has helped thousands of students acquire their qualifications, both professional and academic.


Initially Tom Started out in the Department of Defence before moving on to private organisations and during this time Tom has been working in all IT areas, from development to Networks, administration and IS Security. Tom with his wide experience gained from being involved in IT since 1990 is wide and deep, during this time Tom has been involved with implementing networks and security systems ranging from Novell Netware and windows 3X up to present systems to include Virtual infrastructures.

Tom has worked for several organisations over the years as well as running his own contract services. One organisation where Tom worked as a contractor providing training was the Institute of Public Administration where he lectured in programs for over 25 years. Tom ended up with the title ‘Senior Lecturer & Technical Adviser’.

Tom has been involved in writing syllabi and examinations for a number of institutions on both postgraduate and undergraduate courses and he is currently the senior lecturer, technical advisor and a course Director, involved in the design and running of an MSc in Cloud Computing for the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) in conjunction with University College Dublin (UCD). Tom was also involved in creating the joint MSc in Cloud Computing program between the IPA and UCD, where Tom was also involved in teaching 4 Core modules to include Networking, 2 in Security (one in each management and practitioner level) and Virtualisation.

On June 1st 2018, Tom took up the position of Training Lead within bsi leading up quality control and training within their Cyber Security and Information Resilience department.


Tom holds a large number of qualifications from a number of academic and professional associations to include VMware, Microsoft, Comptia and EC-Council and ISC2,Tom is a member of a number of security related organisations to include International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF), the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG.org), Tom was also a committee member and Academic Co-Ordinator with the Irish ISACA chapter.

Tom’s extensive knowledge in the fields of networking, systems management and development enables him to work and explain all aspects of Information Systems and not just one area.


Please find a selection of recommendations from students and clients below.

Zoran Jovanovic Solution Architect at Citi November 16, 2014
“I have undertaken several modules in Virtualisation and Information Security for MSc in Cloud Computing course and I was impressed with Tom’s lecturing style and professionalism. His lectures are always perfectly structured, excellently presented and engaging. Tom is simply one of the best lecturers I had in my education journey.

I also cannot find enough words to thank Tom for his supervision of my MSc dissertation. Tom was an excellent guide and support through the whole Thesis writing and dissertation process”

Michael Seibert Junior Sustaining Engineer, Logentries February 11, 2014
“I’ve studied under Tom Brett on three separate occasions in the IPA. I found his work as an educator to be nothing less than excellent on all three courses.
The depth, breadth and volume of knowledge imparted by Tom on these courses have been invaluable to me and will continue to be of value to me in the future. The course materials taught by Tom are by no means easy, but the sheer volume of material covered along with the comprehensive explanations, clever use of repetitive teaching styles and learning approach to me is priceless. Tom is a real ‘educator’ who truly wants his students to thrive and learn as much as possible. His teaching style has a strong focus and clear priority on all students’ learning needs. Just as students assimilate new course material using alternate acquisition styles, Tom Brett’s teaching style also approaches the material from a multi-modal learning approach. Whatever a student’s learning style is, Tom will teach them. Moreover, his courses teach both theory and practical application of the material utilising exceptional hands-on, learn-through-doing assignments and exercises. His lectures were also fun, enjoyable and allowed for a free-flowing stream of ideas in his classrooms. I cannot recommend Tom Brett enough as an IT Lecturer and Course Director. Any student would be lucky to have someone so qualified and dedicated in teaching them”

Jim Burke July 18, 2013 Communication and Collaboration Technology Lead
“Tom is a very personable and amenable lecturer who exudes confidence. Tom consistently demonstrates his inherent ability to adapt his teaching style to meet the prevailing audience needs. He has a vast depth of knowledge that enables him to relate to a very wide range of audiences, be they novices or highly skilled specialists.
When working with Tom it is clear that not only is a competent and accomplished instructor but is also an adept and proficient practitioner of IT”

Stephen Carolan July 18, 2013 Network Project Leader at Mayo County Council
“Tom posesses a walth of knowledge and experience from various IT disiplines. His experiene in industry and acedemia make for an excellant learning experience. His teaching style is always lively, engaging and interactive.”

Marc Newman, Cyber Security Manager May 22 2018

“Tom is very knowledgeable in the cyber security field. His enthusiasm and passion for training shines through to his students which creates an enjoyable and effective training program. I would happily recommend Tom.”

Anuradha Lipare
Senior Manager – Information Secuirity Governance at Lazada Group May 30 2018

“I had the privilege of attending EC-Council’s CISO workshop in Singapore delivered by Tom. He has shared real time experience and case study’s during workshop with simplicity.
Thanks again Tom!”




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