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Measurement and analysis: We process data on your behalf to measure the performance and scope of your advertising campaigns and to provide an overview of who uses your services and we report to you. With Workplace, you control your data while protecting it from unauthorized access or abuse. On Facebook, preparations are underway to ensure that our products and services are in compliance with the RGPD. Facebook and its related companies, including Instagram, Oculus and WhatsApp, will all respect the RGPD. Our team is committed to reviewing and expanding our tools to help people manage their privacy and understand their personal data decisions. We will also expand our data protection team, led by Dublin, to support these efforts, and we will hire a data protection delegate. The EU Court of Justice confirms the position of the Schleswig-Holstein data protection authority: Facebook page managers are jointly responsible for the data processing of the RGPD Facebook is expanding existing data protection legislation and adding new requirements. Most of the RGPD requirements apply to those responsible for processing. It is the organization or party that decides the “purposes” and “means” of processing personal data. Yes, we will update the agreement with a data processing supplement to make the necessary commitments that a data processor must provide to a data manager in accordance with Article 28, paragraph 3, for the data manager in accordance with the RGPD. We will notify all Premium customers of this update by May 2018. We do not enter into separate data processing agreements.

We have worked with our product, design and engineering teams to ensure that our products comply with the RGPD rules. It also means that our contractual obligations allow customers to prove their compliance. We will update our agreements to provide the obligations required by data processors under the RGPD. For workplace-Essential-, Advanced- und Enterprise-Kunden, the data your employees collect in Workplace is part of your organization. They`re in control. Your administrators can edit, delete or export them at any time using an API or administration area. To create a workplace account, simply provide the mandatory information that a user must provide, their first name and name, their email address or a staff ID. We are not able to do DPIAs with common customers. However, we are happy to provide you with all the information you need to accurately complete your DPIAs.

We have a lot of information about Workplace on our help pages here. This includes information on workplace safety and our enterprise agreement contains additional details about the data we process and our Privacy Shield certification. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) establishes uniform data protection rules. The RGPD will come into force on 25 May 2018 and will apply to companies based in the EU as well as companies around the world that offer or offer goods or services and process data from persons or persons in the EU. While many of the principles of the RGPD are based on current data protection rules in the EU, the RGPD has a wider scope, stricter standards and significant fines for non-compliance. For example, companies must, if necessary, obtain a higher standard of consent from customers and extend the individual`s rights to access and carry their data. We understand that the RGPD requires Workplace Premium customers to hire data firms with appropriate security measures to ensure an adequate level of privacy protection. We use company-wide safeguards to protect your content. Facebook, Inc. in the United States is committed, as part of the Privacy Shield, to legitimize data transfers from the EEA to the United States.

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