Data License Agreement Definition

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You wish to access sensitive data and information, and the Ministry agrees to provide you with such data and information under the terms set out in the Data License Agreement (“Agreement”). As data may be protected by one or more IP rights, the use of data by third parties requires a license from the owner of the data or a sublicense from a party that has been granted by the owner to issue sublicenses for the data. Although data licenses are, in some respects, similar to other types of IP licenses, they pose several unique licensing issues, for example: this Elemance PIPER metadata license agreement (this “agreement”), which will enter into force from the date of filing of the application (the “effective date”), is created by and between Elemance, LLC, a limited liability corporate liability company founded under the laws of the State of North Carolina, USA (“Elemance”) and the application organization (“Licensee”). Both the data licensor and the licensee should carefully assess the legal and commercial considerations relating to the use of the data. The data licensor should consider the rights it can grant in accordance with its business model. The licensor will generally attempt to limit the licensee`s use of the data. If the licensor objects to a warranty sought for the theory that the licensor`s data is as it is and has not been corrected, you must add a knowledge or meaning qualifier. Companies often claim that data is one of their most valuable assets, but they rarely treat it as such. Dan Masur, partner at Mayer Brown, discusses the big data paradox and describes in this article a number of issues related to compliance with legislation when obtaining data from an external source. Finally, it`s important to define when your data rights start and end. Often, the data is licensed for a limited subscription time, assuming it will be returned or destroyed at the end of the subscription period.

However, for practical reasons, the licensee may require a permanent license for data received in advance and integrated into the licensee`s systems. . . .

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