Cosa Sono I Learning Agreement

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During the recognition phase, changes to the learning agreement may be requested, but as they have not yet been approved, there are no guarantees of recognition (the proposed teacher and the student practice committee will assess whether it is possible to accept the amendment applications. It is clear that it will not be possible to award awards that the student did not request at the time of the application for recognition (so it is recommended that the student consider the application carefully before submitting it). Each year, usually in February, the university publishes a call (available in the Calls section of the international website) to select, on a performance basis, students who will be admitted to participate in the mobility program for study purposes in the following academic year. The ad shows the connected offices, divided by department. The application form is available online and the student can register with his unique information on university enrolment. The student must download the final version of the learning agreement with signatures on ALMARM. It is only after the document has been validated by the offices that it will be possible to download the certificate at the end of the period and request recognition of activities carried out abroad. In these cases, it is possible to change your apprenticeship agreement once a semester under the same licensing procedure as the apprenticeship agreement. First, check the training offer abroad to see which courses are best suited to your course and make a proposal for a program of study to be carried out abroad. For this research, you can count on the website of the host university and the operators of the foreign university. You can also talk to your head of the international mobility department and the head of the school.

If you are going abroad for the final thesis, you should continue to speak to your UNIFE advisor/spokesperson and at the same time to a manager from the destination university to ensure that you can complete your thesis at the chosen university. In the apprenticeship agreement, it is necessary to indicate the course (or courses) that you wish to take abroad instead of each course, by identifying correspondence groups. All curriculum exams that have not yet been passed or passed may be included in the apprenticeship agreement (therefore, not only exams related to the year in which the experiment will take place abroad, but also, possibly, the exams of the previous year, if they have not yet been passed, or the following year). Before submitting their almaRM learning agreement, participants should contact the CDL coordinator to verify their agreement on the compatibility of the selected courses. Changes to the apprenticeship agreement may be requested within 5 weeks of starting courses at the host university. If the discretionary credits are successfully supported during the Erasmus exchange, they will be directly accounted for as the cfu of your choice in the field of scientific disciplinary measures; On the other hand, if Erasmus` optional credits are not successfully supported, the returning student is only able to take the optional exams if they have been previously included in the curriculum (which is why it is important to complete the programme on time, even if the optional credits are included in the apprenticeship agreement). The apprenticeship agreement is a mandatory document requested by the National Erasmus Agency, in which you must indicate the courses you wish to take during Erasmus studies abroad, after agreement with your reference teacher.

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